WallWalker® Hanging Scaffold

Wall Walker Equipment
Photo by Annie Jones

 Now available at D. Williams Construction Supply

“The WallWalker® Hanging Scaffold is the first hanging staging of its kind. It can hang on either side of a stud wall, over a beam, or over 8-inch block to make a safe, adjustable stage. The device’s 38-inch-wide walk board arm adjusts in 6-inch increments along a 6-foot-tall vertical rail. This lets you move the work platform to within 12 inches of the top plate. Arms meet OSHA standards and are rated for 500 pounds a pair. Each 20-pound aluminum unit comes with handrail attachments and fold tightly for efficient storage. Hooks are available for walls up to 14 inches thick” (Tools of the Trade, June 1999).

Work place safety is a huge concern on today’s job sites. Here’s a product designed to reduce falls and eliminate makeshift scaffolding. Called the WallWalker®, the scaffolding hangs on the inside and outside walls and is sold in pairs. To set the system up. you remove a quick-release pin and slide the top plate hook out from its storage position.

The hook adjusts to proper wall width, while the horizontal support beam adjusts to the correct plank height. Then you secure each WallWalker® to the wall and put the plank in place. The devices can be adjusted with or without removing the plank. The horizontal beam extends 38 to 45 inches from the wall and allows ample room for cutting standard tails and installing fascia board while standing on the platform. The WallWalker® comes with the handrail posts that support top rails, mid rails, and toe boards.